Legal collection

If, despite our best efforts, your debtor is unwilling to pay the debt, or if you have tried to negotiate payment yourself and have lost patience, you can use the benefit of the legal collection services we offer.

  • Legal lawsuit

    Our lawyers will initiate the relevant legal proceedings before the competent court or arbitration. You will be notified of all anticipated and ongoing expenses and all procedural actions requiring your assistance will be agreed upon with you in advance. In the case of a Judgment in favor of the creditor all incurred expenses shall be awarded at the expense of the debtor.

  • Enforcement

    Upon Judgment entry into legal force we shall initiate enforcement proceedings on your behalf before a bailiff, in order to cash in your debtor's property and collect the debt.

  • Liquadation/Insolvency

    Our lawyers will assist you in liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings, including initiating or claiming receivables, stabilization proceedings, disputing claims of other creditors, attending creditors' meetings, etc.


  • Other proceedings in the different countries

    Every country in the world has its own peculiarities in its legal system related to the judicial process and the collection of claims. Contact us if you have an inquery for a specific country or need additional legal assistance.


All our offices and partners in Europe and around the world assist with trusted lawyers, specialists in the fields of civil and commercial law, who will assist you in the entire process of settling the dispute.