Company Solvency

Our credit reports enable you to make an accurate assessment of your business partners and make safe decisions in the B2B sector.

Knowing your business partners is crucial

If you want to establish a business relationship with another company, you need appropriate information about your counterpart, especially if seated in another country.

Business information about companies

As an entrepreneur, you should be informed about the solvency of companies with whom you want to work or enter into a new contract. After all, payment difficulties, payment defaults or invoices that you have to wait a long time to settle are not only annoying, but also involve increased expense. Furthermore, open invoices can severely affect the liquidity of your company.

To prevent this, we offer you detailed information on companies in both Bulgarian and international markets. And if, in the process of your business relationship with a specific partner, suspicions arise regarding its financial status, change of ownership, etc., we can provide a long-term monitoring, notifying you of all relevant changes that have occurred in the company.


Credit report

In order to get a solid basis for decision-making in B2B business, we can provide you with information in various forms. Each of our credit reports contain general company data such as:

- company name, seat and address, tax number, telephone number and/or e-mail address, trade name and details of the competent local court.

In addition, you might receive important credit report information such as:

- information on shareholdings, business figures, annual financial statements, preffered method of payment, structural data - i.e. legal form, foundation and entry in the commercial register - as well as details of management and powers of representation.

Kindly note that some of the information might depend on the legislation currently in force in the country of seat. Contact us in advance if you are interested in whether a specific component and information would be included in the credit report.


Solvency Index

Our Solvency Index enables a quick and direct assessment of the solvency of your customer or business partner. For the purposes of the analysis, we use the internationally recognized Creditreform rating system and its Probability of default.

The Creditreform Probability of default allows you to quickly and reliably assess the risk of your future client or current business partner. For the purposes of the calculation, an assessment of a wide range of information is evaluated for the calculation, which is weighted according to its relevance and combined to form a total value (in the form of a three-digit number) - Solvency index. Based on certain criteria, including: industrial risk, payment methods, turnover, number of employees, etc. the possibility of a company to delay payments is calculated as a percentage.

The Solvency index can have a value of 100 to 500 or 600 for insolvent companies. This corresponds to the spectrum between an excellent solvency and default of payments. In this way you will receive a well-founded assessment of the requested company and can decide on further measures.


  • You will receive current and carefully checked business information - in a compact, clearly presented form.
  • You gain decisive reliability through well-founded solvency assessments of companies - nationally and internationally.
  • You have the opportunity to monitor all important existing customers and suppliers at home and abroad and to keep an eye on your business partners.
  • Partners in almost all corners of the world who check and constantly update information about each company.


Company monitoring

If the credit report shows unsatisfactory results or you simply have doubts about a possible deterioration of your partner's financial situation, you can benefot from our company monitoring services.

Within 12 months, we will monitor the company for you, immediately notifying you of any changes in its general data, ownership and/or liquidity. In this way, you will keep track on your business partners and will be able to react promptly.

Interantional monitoring

The service is currently available for companies registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, as well as for some countries outside Europe. Contact us for additional information about the country you might be interested in.


Check your own company solvency

Everyday Creditreform's international offices provide numerous credit reports for companies from various sectors around the world.

That increases the probability that one of your future or current partners orders a credit report for your company. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises or partnership rejection even before it has started, you can now order a report for your own company!

Use the opportunity to review the information available for your company, clarify and add details!

Check own solvency