Transfer of receivables

Whatever stage your overdue receivable is - whether you're still waiting for payment after reminding your business partner or you are already considering legal proceedings, you can offer it to us for purchase.

For this purpose you should make sure it meets the conditions for its transfer, including: it concerns a monetary obligation that exists validly on the date of the transfer, there are no legal obstacles or contrary arrangements with the debtor, etc.

Contact us if for further information.



Debt evaluation

In order to offer your claim for transfer, you need to prepare all documents and information in advance and contact us to evaluate the case.

It precedes the submission of a purchase offer and the conclusion of an assignment contract. Note that only company debtors are subject to assessment and individual transfer to Creditreform.

Transfer of receivables outside of Bulgaria

There is no problem if the debtor company is located outside the Republic of Bulgaria - Creditreform Bulgaria has a wide network of partners in almost all countries of the world - in the event that the obligation does not fall entirely within our sphere of activity, we can offer it for purchase to our partners in the respective country!