Creditreform's Solvency Certificate allows you to have open business relationships with your international partners.

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The transparent handling of finances and data creates trust and the basis for long-term successful business relationships.

It allows you to signal stability and strengthen your negotiating position on the market - not only towards (potential) customers, business partners and employees, but also towards banks or capital providers. If you want to effectively present your excellent credit standing, you can have it professionally assessed and marked with the Creditreform Solvency Certificate (CrefoCert).

With the Creditreform Solvency Certificate, you give yourself the opportunity to actively communicate how good your solvency is - on the web, on business documents, in your e-mail signature or at trade fairs and events. For this purpose, you will receive an official document, which we will be happy to provide you personally.

In addition, we will include you in the list of certified companies, thus all international companies that seek information from CREDITREFORM about you will know about your professional reputation.


Receive your Certificate