One of your clients does not want to pay? We are here to help you!

And in doing this, we will use the know-how of our collection specialists. In fact, the professional management of receivables warrants the positive development of your company and the high quality of the relationships concerned.

  • "Out of court" Collection

    "Out of court" Collection

    Creditreform puts all efforts to collect your outstanding amounts through a network of offices and partners in the country and abroad. In Bulgaria and most of the European countries only a commission for the successfully collected amounts is charged. In other countries also a flat-rate up-front fee is charged.

  • Court Collection

    Court Collection

    If the out-of-court collection proves not to be possible, Creditreform can offer lawyers who work for the organisation or its partners allowing clients to enjoy preferential lawyer’s fees. During the course of court collection, Creditreform co-ordinates and controls all steps undertaken by the lawyers and duly informs the customers about the development of the case.

  • International Collection

    International Collection

    Creditreform is the best professional partner for debt collection cases worldwide. We work with a global network of Creditreform business partners and lawyers who are specialized in debt collection of their country.

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