Not every deal lives up to what it first promised...

Before submitting a lucrative order, you should receive precise information about your business partner. Creditreform can provide you with the necessary information about your client's solvency and financial situation as well as its economic environment.

  • Credit Reports

    Credit Reports

    Our credit reports facilitate the decision making process for the granting of goods or money on credit. If the "Credit Opinion" is positive, Creditreform also delivers a recommendation for the highest credit limit which could be granted to the respective client within one to three months.

    The Information contained within our credit reports is strictly confidential and to be used by the client only. It is not to be published, disclosed or handed over to third parties without written permission of Creditreform. Our credit reports are just an aid to making decisions by the information recipient. Every effort is made to ensure that the furnished information is accurate but Creditreform bears no legal responsibility for the consequences of these decisions.

  • Creditreform Solvency Index

    The Creditreform Solvency Index provides a quick and reliable risk assessment for your business decisions. You can learn what is behind it all here.

Sample Credit Report
Sample Credit Report

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